Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Amy Polhemus (Veterinarian and Owner)

Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy started with Country Animal Hospital in 1991.
Dr. Amy has 4 pets Lennox the lab and Wally, Teddy and Tux the cats.  Dr. Amy's favorite thing about working at Country Animal Hospital is the great people she gets to work with both staff and pet parents.  Seeing the puppies and kittens!  She also enjoys puzzling out the challenging cases.  When Dr. Amy is not at the clinic she enjoys riding her bike, kicking with Lennox, reading and her family time.

Dr. Heather Horton (Retired Veterinarian and Owner)

Dr. Heather


Dr. Heather started with Country Animal Hospital in 1988.  Dr. Heather retired in 2023.
Dr. Heather has 2 dogs Birdie and Sunny (Labs) and Little Ricky the cat.  What Dr. Heather loved most about working at Country Animal Hospital is the relationships she made with the clients and their pets.  She enjoyed the challenge of internal medicine, figuring out problems and finding a way to help our patients.  She also enjoyed working with a great team of coworkers.  When Dr. Heather is not at the clinic, she enjoys quilting, hiking, skiing.  Since retirement she enjoys travelling with her husband Rick and 2 dogs.

Dr. Eraham


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